Bringing Your Business Data to the Net


We offer an award-winning range of integrated appliactions and support.

As a security service provider and F-Secure partner, we can provide:

  • Security as a Service.
  • Email Gateways.
    Scrub and remove viruses before they get to your mail server(s).
  • Anti-Spam Gateways.
    Managed email gateways minimize spam and prevent your employees from having to spend part of their daily workload removing unwanted email.
  • Secure Data Transfer Services.
    Protecting data in transit guarantees the confidentiality of corporate data sent over networks by providing end to end encryption for intranets, extranets, and remote access.
  • Protection of Stored Data.
    This enables automatic and effortless storage of data with on the fly encryption that is easy to manage and transparent to use.
  • Managed Data Security Policies.
    These policies protect the mobile and desktop distributed enterprise by enforcing corporate security policies automatically from one location. They keep security software up to date, manage configurations, and monitor enterprise complicance with a tightly integrated infrastructure that will make sure intellectual property remains secure and confidential.

Find out more about the security as a service concept by visiting the F-Secure website, or contact our security representative.